The sound of The Astronaut King is heavily influenced by the avant garde, sludge metal, doom metal, drone, blues, ambient, thrash, punk, and all sorts of experimental and heavy genres of music.
The original influence toward starting The Astronaut King being the song "Charioteer (Temple Song)" by Earth, the most common playing style is comparable to it.  That being said, the style isn't the same on all songs, since influences in style range from Neil Young to Noothgrush, Brant Bjork to Bolt Thrower, Dick Dale to diSEMBOWELMENT, etc.

The focus of the music is primarily around the sounds created on the guitar with or without effects and amplification, in some songs there are also vocals.  It's supposed to be a whole idea of "one person, one instrument, many sounds."  

The resulting sound is supposed to give you a feel of drifting off in space, the last human to survive the apocalypse, with no one to hear or help you.  The only ones around you are the astral undead, your army of space zombies.  You are the king, but for what?  To rule a Kingdom of False Existence?  To sit on the Throne of the Atmosphere?  To die of Astral Asphyxiation?  To be The Astronaut King.  To rule the Eternally Silent Kingdom.
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